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Equi-Stat and Tracking Your Horse's Lifetime Earning (LTE)!

Note: As of July 2022, NWBHA District 3 has and will continue submitting our race results to Equi-Stat. As a District, we are dedicated to improving our sport and our industry. We strive to provide quality, attention to detail, and providing another level of legitimacy to our association.

So, what and who is Equi-Stat?

Equi-Stat Performance Horse Data maintains a vast database of money-earning events, including sanctioned and non-sanctioned classes. Their detailed reports including horse, rider, owner, show events, placings and earnings by year. Equi-Stat includes offspring with performance details or by summary of total earnings, and provides Magic Cross Reports which ranks the best crosses based on offspring earnings.

Why does this matter to me?

If you are selling a horse, or selling offspring out your mare or by a stallion, having an accurate LTE makes proving values of that horse that much easier. If you choose to insure a horse, having tracked your LTE helps justify your insured amount. Lastly, we love the opportunity that our Novice (>$500 LTE) provides our greener horses. As owners and riders, it is our responsibility to know when we are no longer eligible for this class.

Contestants, here's how you can help!

  • Enter your horse’s name exactly as it appears on registration papers. Be sure you’re including any initials and spacing correctly.

  • Ensure spelling is correct, especially if your horse has an oddly spelled name—don’t enter Heza Fast One as Hesa Fast One. Double check registration papers if you aren’t sure.

  • Use a consistent grade name for unregistered horses. Choose one name for your horse and enter it that way every single time you run. If you enter a grade horse as Pinto Pony at one race and Pinto at another, his earnings will appear in Equi-Stat as two different horses.

  • Always be consistent. Entering your horse’s full registered or grade name correctly and consistently every time you run is the best way to ensure lifetime earnings are accurately assigned to your horse.

If you’re unsure if your producers are submitting Equi-Stat results, ask them; have that conversation.

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